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Here you will find answers for questions you might have about our service.

Does the system allow the creation of dashboards that are updated in real-time?

The platform has a dashboard with widgets in it. The widgets are dynamically created based on vulnerabilities found. For example, the system scans a CMS platform with vulnerabilities. The dashboard generates an appropriate widget that appears on the client’s dashboard. The client cannot change the widgets that appear.


How can I find specific results and analyze the data produced by the Reconizer?

Filters allow searching for results on each page of the platform based on specific categories or criteria. For advanced filtering, it is possible to download the results and manipulate them in CSV \ JSON format.


Does the console save searches for later use and allow access to the original events whenever required?

No. There is no need to save searches in this system since it shows you the vulnerabilities in one view. Data can be exported for your own records in CSV and JSON format.


Is it aligned to MITRE ATT&CK?

Yes, we use the MITRE attack matrix as well as our own proprietary attack methodologies and techniques.


Does it have the ability to detect specific internal network security issues?

The platform is not detecting attacks from the external network nor is it a forensics tool. The platform builds VOAs (vectors of attack) based on Web-intelligence found on all three layers of the net. 


Does each identified alert provide descriptive information on the issue presented, as well as a possible recommendation for mitigation, if any? How long does it take to display this information?

Each vulnerability found consists of a detailed description and mitigation recommendations. The information is presented immediately.


Does the platform have a chat function as so that it is easy to contact an analyst to ask specific questions about alerts?

Yes. The system has an internal message function where you can send a request / question to your analyst. They will answer in a timely fashion based on office working hours and established SLAs. You can find that function on the dashboard of the Reconizer.


Does the system allow users to export alerts? If so, in which file format?

Yes, alerts may be exported in CSV/JSON file format.


Do you provide research services?

Yes. It is possible to purchase research services.


What is the maximum number of assets monitored by the tool?

There is no maximum number of assets that the Reconizer can monitor as we are hosted in a Cloud environment that allows for rapid scaling of resources to support any network, large or small.

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